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HEfDA -COVID 19 response /Light for the world and ADA supported project

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This is not enough; we will do more.

The Harmee Education for Development Association (HEfDA) has donated mobility appliances and assistive devices to 220 persons (children, women, and men) with disabilities. Following this, HEfDA organized a street campaign to demonstrate the potential of persons with disabilities and challenge the wrong perceptions imposed on them by the community. More than 300 people in Kersa town, government officials, and community groups participate in the event.

The purpose of this support is to ensure inclusive development where persons with disabilities escape challenges and benefit from social and development interventions. In particular, children with disabilities who are suffering from challenges associated with disabilities will grow up without the problems. In total, the donation amounted to ETB 788,000.

HEfDA families are grateful to Light for the World (LfW) and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), which are helping our people

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