HEfDA has undergone its five years (2020-2024) Strategic Planning process with the objectives to guide the
coverage, content, priorities, scale, scope and strategies of social and development work and strengthen the
organizational systems and capacity
The strategic plan is based on the findings of internal organizational and programmatic capacity
assessment, priority needs of the communities and the government policies, strategies and priority
development agenda.
Strategies were formulated for sector specific social and development interventions and at organizational
level systems and capacity development
The document contains six broad parts
1) Description of organizational profile
2) Explanation on the Strategic Planning Process
3) The findings of internal and external context analyses
4) Strategic plan of the major interventions of HEfDA
5) Strategic plan for Organizational systems and capacity development
6) Institutional framework, Guiding Principles and Priorities
Descriptions are presented on monitoring of the strategic plan implementation and possible revision based
on the emerging internal and external needs.

HEfDA - Organizational profile

Legal status
HEfDA is a local non–governmental Civil Society Organization. HEfDA was officially registered in 2007 and
re-registered at Ethiopian Civil Society Agency in May 2019 (Registration number 0090 according to the
new CSA proclamation no. 1113/2019).
Historical records of HEfDA
2006 Started its activities with small community initiatives around Anno Village in Munessa district
2007 Registered as local NGO at the Federal Ministry of Justice
2007 Sinqee Women Cooperatives established and started its operation in Anno village
2008 The project on “Empowerment of girls and young women through secondary and tertiary level
Education (2008-2010) launched in Qarssa high school
2008 HEfDA resources centre (offices and library) established in Qarssa town
2009 reregistered at the Charities and Societies Agency following the new NGO legislation (proclamation
no. 621/2009)
2010 The project on “Integrated Community Development with Particular focus on Women initiated and
continued till 2018

HEfDA - Organizational profile

2011 The project on “Improved participation and academic performance of girls in formal education
system initiated and continued to 2019
2011 The project on “mainstreaming of disabilities in social and development activities” initiated and
continued till 2019
2011 Multi-purpose Skills Training Centre (MSTC) established - accredited as Harmee College in 2017 by
Oromia Regional Government & accredited as examination centre in 2019 for Certificate of
Competence (CoC) by Oromia TVET Agency.
2012-2016 Four projects on female education and mitigation of gender based violence (GBV)
2016 The project on Reproductive Health and Family Planning imitated and continued to 2020
2017 The project on schools based water development and school greening initiated
2017 The project on roof water harvesting and afforestation in public schools started
2018 HEfDA licensed to undertake Income Generating Activities (IGA)
2018 The initiatives on Organic Agriculture started
2018 The project on “Reduce Female genital Mutilation (FGM) in Akaki district and Dukem town” started
2019 The Project on Integrated Natural Resources Management started (continuation of the Integrated
Community Based Development Project)
2020 A new phase of Girls Support project started in Heban Arssi district, West Arssi zone, Oromai