Institutional Framework for the Strategic Plan

To see a society that is responsible, accountable and self-reliant for its social and economic well-being.
Accompany and support the people to be responsible and accountable for their social and economic
Respect to the human dignity, the cultural and moral values of the people
Impartiality – provide services irrespective of ethnic and religious differences
Integrity- live for the mission
Passion - Committed in heart and mind
Solidarity with the poor and disadvantaged
Collaboration and team spirit
Accountability to the constituency, beneficiaries and benefactors
Flexibility and open for change,
To encourage and support people to use their full potential, develop self-confidence and ensure
To ensure gender equality and enhance decision making power of women and girls on matters that
affect their life
To encourage and support persons with disabilities to participate and benefit from social and
economic development (focus on children/students with disabilities to participate in education)
To enhance the skills of people for improved production, productivity and living quality
To support community efforts to improve basic infrastructure and services, conservation and
management of natural resources

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